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Course Description

Satirical Writing Course How to write a satirical article 
Did the title of the course invite you to smile? Yes, the word sarcasm often draws a smile on the lips. But behind this word is a complete science, with rules and laws that qualify the satirical letter to have a great and influential role in the world of literature and journalism.
Satirical writing is one of the most difficult literary and journalistic arts because it combines contradictions; it must be easy and smooth and at the same time knitted and formulated with strong rhetorical images; it must make a smile with serious professionalism in dealing with topics; it must provide graceful information at the time when it verifies the originality and importance of information; and it must contain exaggeration at the time when it is very objective.

So how can a satirical writer make his essay and combine all these contradictions?

All of the above has made the questions raised about satirical writing many with the scarcity of academic specialists in it, so this course of study deliberately develops the ABCs of satirical writing, starting with this course "How to write a satirical essay."
First of all, if we want to talk about the satirical article, we must refer to the important media role of satirical writing, in that it is a form of an objective view of things aimed at refinement, reform, and evaluation. It adopts the art of persuasion and symbolism in writing, and the distance from the direct method of dealing with events and discussing issues, carries with it the meaning, depth, and third dimension of the aftermath, and tries to shed light on the truth and highlight the contradiction between the essence and the outward.
In doing so, it deals with reality in its details and small particles that may be missing from many, by placing dots on letters and In many cases, letters are placed under their dots.
All of this requires a satirical pen that has talent and a sense of cynicism in the first place, and if it exists, it is necessary to refine it with science and adjust it to its rules.
The general objective of the satirical writing course
The course aims to provide and teach trainees how to write a satirical essay systematically and correctly.

Detailed objectives of the Satirical Writing Course

• discrimination between purposeful satirical writing and vulgarity.
• Knowing the elements of the satirical article
• Knowing the importance of choosing the right title for the satirical article
• Being able to add an element of irony to the article.
• Knowledge of the journalistic and literary arts of the satirical style.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Topics of Course How to write a satirical article

• What is satirical journalism?
• The importance of the satirical style
• The role of satirical journalism
• Jobs in satirical journalism
• The difference between irony as an art and science and vulgarity
• Sarcastic writing controls
• Examples of the satirical style of the Holy Quran
• Sarcasm and folk words
• Practical applications and satirical models to turn the idea into a satirical essay
• How to Initiate a satirical essay! Make sure you have all the facts you need to write an integrated media report.

Outcomes of Course How to write a satirical article

1-The ability to distinguish between meaningful and vulgar satirical writing
2-Identify the satirical styles used in satirical writing.
3-Writing a satirical article


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