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Course Description

Leading change in the age of digital transformation doesn't mean technology; it means the people themselves. Digital transformation is a must, and digitizing life and work is a matter of time, but the challenge is how an employee, manager, or anyone else can be able to keep up with this transformation and be able to make a real difference in it.

What is the new?

This groundbreaking course in leading change meets very important requirements within every ministry, institution, or company looking for a foothold in tomorrow's era. As digital transformation continues and work-life, industries and businesses are reshaping, organizations are under enormous pressure to stay ahead of the competition.
However, the study centres confirm that the failure rate in many organizations' digital transformation processes is 80%, which means that digital transformation requires people who can bring about this transformation and build, empower, and make it successful within their organizations.
Many digital transformation initiatives have little performance, while others achieve partial goals at very high costs.
The problem is not with the new technologies or systems themselves. Rather, it is in the inadequacy of administrators who can keep pace with the transformation and in the lack of specialized management to lead people and operations in this new era.

The Objective of Leading Change in the Age of Digital Transformation Course

The course aims to give administrators and leaders, as well as relevant employees, full understanding and insights into the transformation of the digital age, giving them the ability to deal with this change flexibly, lead others, and make change successful in the long run.
This 5-day course is designed to build people who can be leaders and managers for the future. led by a group of qualified trainers at the London Academy of Media and Public Relations.

The objectives of the course also include:

• Provide participants with the ability to understand the era of digital transformation.
• Arming participants with modern management concepts
• Enable participants to know what the modern world looks like over the next ten years up to 2030.
• Dealing with digital transformation effortlessly and flexibly
• Learn how to develop plans for the digital transformation of organizations.
• How to implement change and digital transformation programs
• ability to measure the efficiency of the transformation, modify the path, and make the work a success.
• Leading employees and teams in the era of digital transformation
• Identify the vocabulary of digital transformation appropriate to each organization.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Field visits

Topics of Leading Change in the Age of Digital Transformation

• Leadership, management, and leadership of change in today's organizations
• Traditional and modern management and leadership concepts and what has changed between yesterday and today.
• Managing the Future: How an Administrator Can Build a Professional Future in the Age of Digital Transformation
• Innovation and creativity in leadership and management.
• Action plans in the era of digital transformation and team leadership
• Review, self-criticism, and change
• Dealing with the media
• Recognize the dynamics of change for digital transformation across its three phases.
• initial ignition stage.
• take-off phase.
• Sustainable Success Phase.
• Identify possible risk factors that accompany a change in its three phases.
• Determine scientifically based frameworks for digital transformation.
• Technical tools influence digital transformation processes.
• Identify the digital transformation vocabulary, forms, methods, and applications. 


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