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Course Description

Advanced Management of public relations course 2024 is one of the most important courses offered during the current year, because of its importance in developing the capabilities of administrators and leaders who take over the task of supervising public relations departments, so that they can manage the helm of work in proportion to the nature of the new stage with all its challenges, and at the same time Extrapolating to the future to see how this mission can be improved better.
This course at the London Academy of Media and Public Relations has been professionally designed to include the most important international and professional standards in advanced management. As well as being a complementary course for those who have obtained previous training courses, so as to hone their talents, and provide them with new possibilities in this field.

Objectives of advanced management course for public relations 2024

This course aims to:
Raising the efficiency of administrators working in public relations departments, and developing the capabilities of department heads in the field of public relations.
Keeping abreast of the latest advanced management methods in public relations.
Providing ideal communication models with employees, internal and external parties in the organization.
Informing the trainees of elaborate models of this course.
Develop the leadership and creative skills of managers.
Providing new and serious steps for those who have previously taken public relations courses.

Activities and Training Methods

1- training lecture
2- Practical applications
3- Panel discussions

Contents of Advanced Management of Public Relations Course

The course contains a variety of information, forms and interactive programs, including:
A basic overview of public relations, its theories and modern concepts.
Familiarize yourself with the objectives, functions and programs of modern public relations.
Management and leadership, and the difference between them.
Advanced management and its applications in public relations management.
How to implement different public relations activities based on comprehensive advanced management.
Periodic meetings, their importance, and how to implement them creatively.
Dealing with the public through the available means of communication.
The ethical, social and professional premises of public relations and management.
Criticism, analysis and discussion skills
The skill of dealing with employees, leading and motivating them.
Effective influence in administrative departments.
Developing a sense of management and dealing with different levels of employees.
The skill of persuading departments and superiors.
Drawing and implementing effective plans in the public relations departments.
Participate in public debates and discussions about the role of the media in society
The arts of media writing
Planning and implementing media campaigns
Organizing conferences, festivals, exhibitions and private and public celebrations
Participation in the production of media materials for public relations
Preparing and drafting correspondence, letters and reports
Preparing and implementing VIP visit programs.
Modern strategies in public relations and media
Conference management, ceremonial art and protocol
Leadership skills for managing social media
Effective communication skills, how to speak to the public


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