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Course Description

Advanced communication management course 2024 provides a package of development tools for managing communication and public relations departments. In order to develop the work of administrators and communication staff in building strong relationships, a more comprehensive understanding of management, its tasks, impacts, and functions. And how to ensure professional and creative best practices and make great strides in job excellence and business performance.

The general objectives of the Advanced communication management course 2024

The course aims to enable participants to recognize:
• How to practice advanced management techniques to master them in the management of offices and communication departments
• Drawing up action plans commensurate with the objectives of the institution or ministry
• Identify the latest modern theories in the field of advanced communication management.
• Reading and analyzing real-time and strategic plans at work.
• developing communication skills with the internal and external public.
• Organizing work schedules and distributing tasks
• The skill of holding meetings, organizing and managing them.
• Identify the skills needed to work on official correspondence.
• Dealing with modern technologies useful in communication and public relations.
• Dealing with work pressures
• Preparing agendas and making necessary arrangements
• Applying emotional intelligence in order to promote excellent relationships
• Learning about modern communication strategies
• Working flow management.
• Managing conflicts and problems in the workplace
• Diplomacy, etiquette, and skills in dealing with others.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Discussion Panels

Topics of Advanced Communication Management Course 2024

1. The job of the director of the communication and public relations department and the most important tasks, duties, and responsibilities
2. Introduction to Advanced Management 2024
3. The concept of modern communication management
4. The role of the contact manager in modern institutions and smart organizations is complex.
5. Personal communication and effective written communication
6. How to build excellent relationships with leaders, colleagues, and employees.
7. Ways to deal with difficult personalities
8. How to boost self-confidence
9. Mechanisms and forms of communication
10. Effective and influential communication, its foundations, rules, and theories
11. Modern applications for effective communication
12. The three pillars of the communication process
13. Emotional intelligence and its control
14. The art of dealing with others
15. Persuasion, patterns, behaviours, and methods
16. The Four Models of Human Personality
17. Management, leadership, and the difference between them
18. Public relations has its basic foundations and principles.
19. Negotiation skills
20. Delegation of Powers and Distribution of Businesses


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