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Course Description

Creativity and effective influence are the most important features required in the work of academic trainers and workers in human resources departments. London Academy of Media and Public Relations offers a course in academic training, creativity, and effective influence in training to raise the efficiency of workers in academic education and training in institutes, universities, government, and private institutions and within human resources units.

The course ensures that the efficiency of trainers is raised so that it transforms from a profession into art and creativity, away from traditional skills that rely on repetition, memorization, and indoctrination. The course is also characterized by providing effective training to individuals at various functional and professional levels so that their skills increase and their abilities in the field of using modern technical methods of development and improvement in training and education increase.

All this is effectively reflected in the trainers to raise the efficiency of the institutions to which they belong and work, and also make them more willing to lead the development of the institutions, implement the policies and plans of the institution, and communicate information better and deeper to the souls of the recipients.

The Objectives

The course aims to empower participants with the following skills and foundations:
1. Understand the basic standards of academic training.
2. Directly see the measures of creativity and effective impact in training.
3. Invest in human resources and improve and develop human resources.
4. Identify the mechanisms of human resources work and their impact on the institution.
5. Design training programs following the policy of the institution.
6. Persuasion and effective influence in academic training
7. How to develop training plans and budgets
8. Lead the shift from traditional education to effective academic training within the institution.
9. Supervise the management of training centres in a correct scientific manner.
10. Prepare plans of excellence in the performance of human resources management in line with full quality standards.
Course content

The Academic Training Creativity and Effective Training Influence Course contains :

• The concept of academic training, its types, importance, forms, and
• The relationship between training and investment in human capital
• modern curricula in academic training.
• Training plans (tools for drawing up and measuring plans)
• Electronic programs, which are useful in training.
• Excellence in innovation and creativity.
• Elements of the creative process in training
• Measuring the psychological and behavioural levels of trainees
• Human resources, their concepts, and requirements for their development
• Total quality, its concepts, and importance
• The importance of total quality in improving job performance
• Kaizen theory and its applications in human resource management, quality, and training.
• Thomas's principles in evaluating the effectiveness of academic training
• Motivating training activity ideas


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