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London Academy of Media and Public Relations, an educational services institution licensed by competent authorities in The UK, No. (12566386), headquartered in the British capital, London, provides specialized training and educational services.

London Academy of Media and Public Relations was established under the UK Companies Act 2006.

The headquarters of the company is located in London benefiteing from the strategic depth and efficiency of expertise and contacts in it, and from the bonds of educational, economic and financial cooperation that characterize British relations with the Arab Gulf states and the rest of the Arab and international countries.

The specialized academic team at “London Academy of Media and Public Relations” work to provide the best experiences, courses and training programs for employees and professionals wishing to develop their job and professional performance, and raise their career level.

Our trainers at Academy work to meet the highest standards of training accredited in the United Kingdom and training centres in European countries.

Our employees also provide all the necessary support needed by the trainees who come from Arabic or Gulf countries and international countries, from facilitating, assisting and supporting in all stages of their training journey, starting from obtaining an entry visa to Britain, passing through access to the airport and accommodation in the hotel, all the way to leaving and returning safely to the homeland. .

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London Academy of Media and Public Relations, lampr is the most popular training centre in The UK.

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